Our story

In May 1988, one tool grinder operator man founded MWR in a 35 square meters by himself. His name is Wagner Rossi.

By the end of 1989, five employees started the growth of the company in a brand new address of 700 square meters designed by the founder.

During these first 10 years, several manual machines were acquired and built and employees were hired. In 1998 started the acquisition of the first CNC machine. Since that time, MWR acquired state-of-the-art CNC machines.

In 2006 was marked as the year that MWR started selling products to aerospace Market, which years later would be the biggest Marketshare ever of the company.

After a long jouney by himself, his sons joined in 2008 starting the second generation of MWR, bringing technology and a bold management.

Years later, in 2014, MWR grew the production floor to a 2000 square meters building with more offices and conference room.

Same year was marked to start of sales to distributors and the first general catalog of the company.

After 30 years, distributors spread throughout Brazil, several big direct estrategic customers, thousands of cutting tools 100% manufactured by MWR and exportation for several countries, MWR keep moving foward to achive the excelence in quality and customer service to all of the steakeholders.

Wagner Rossi, fundador da MWR.

Areas of expertise
Yellow Line - Heavy
Molds and Dies
Keys and Locks
Quality policy

It is our commitment to make “MWR” a brand that transmits liability and confidence to the cutting tool market.

Ensuring “Customer Satisfaction” and “Company Results” are the goal to honor this commitment.

For this it is necessary:

  • Provide products and services that meet customer needs:
    • Meeting specifications;
    • Meeting delivery deadlines;
    • Offering fast and efficient solutions to our customers.
  • Continuously improve our processes:
    • Monitoring and verifying that the planned results are achieved;
    • Achieving Quality objectives;
    • Investing in new technologies.
  • Disclose and guide our employees on the importance of following the Quality Management.
  • System documentation.
  • Select and Qualify our suppliers.
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